Steico i joists for rrofs, floors and walls

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We supply and deliver steico’s Eco friendly i joists for walls, floors, and roofs to the construction industry, DIY enthusiasts, Eco conscious self builders, and house renovations across Berkshire, Oxfordshire, London, Kent, Surrey and surrounding areas in the UK.

With over 18 years experience in the engineered wood product sector, we are proud to be able to do our part in promoting sustainable construction methods within the industry.

We have a wide range of I joists and LVL in stock which enables us to deliver orders to site within 2/3 weeks of confirmation.

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Maximize energy efficiency with innovative load-bearing structures

The functional principle for STEICO I-joists is as simple as it is impressive: reduction. Where no material is needed, no material is wasted.

The result: improved properties with low weight, low primary energy consumption, and maximum energy efficiency.

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Benefits  of Using I Joists Systems for Floors, Roofs, & Walls

What are the benefits of Steico I joists?

  • Reduced thermal bridging
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Lightweight
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Easy installation of services
  • Easy to use with standard woodworking tools
  • Can be used with easily available connectors
ECO T.E.S Official Steicojoist Suppliers

Steico’s I Joists Manufacturing Process

STEICO I-joists consist of two components: the so-called “flanges” on the top and bottom sides and the “web” in the middle that connects the two flanges.

The flange material is made of highly durable STEICO LVL laminated veneer lumber, one of the most resilient wood-based materials available.

The web is made of STEICO Natural Fiber Boards, a wood-based material characterized by particularly high shear strength. 

In combination, this results in an innovative structural product that combines load-bearing capacity with low weight and maximum energy efficiency.

Why Choose Eco T.E.S?

We supply and assemble products so you don’t have to!

Most People Are Choosing Steico Products To Build Eco Friendly Dream Homes For Half The Time At Half The Price.

“We approached a handful of timber frame and I-joist suppliers and with the exception of Eco T.E.S they all said that what we wanted to do couldn’t be done in an existing building but Eco TES made the impossible a dream come true.”

Richard & Amanda Long

ECO T.E.S Official Steicojoist Suppliers

Steico’s Revolutionary I Joists Installation Process

STEICOjoist is a building system for floors, roofs and walls. This short animation shows you why it is revolutionary in the building industry.

Why Steico I joists out performs traditonal timber I joists

Which Joist is heavier? Press play to find out

Here’s why spending  8.5 hours installing Timber Joists instead of spending  just 2.5 hours installing made to measure Steico I Joists, will save you time, money, and eliminate wastage.

 71 timber Joists, 21 hangers, & 63 noggins


24 I Joists, 5 hangers, & 22 noggings  = 6 Hours savings

No cutting on site or timber wastage necessary.

And Finally…What is the Price for Steico I joists vs Timber Joists for this project?

I-Joist Floor Kit Price- £989.07


Timber Joist Floor Kit price – £ 1647.46

Saving you an additional £658.39 in costs

SO…If you’re ready to do your bit for the environment, whilst cutting down the time it takes to fit joists without wastage, and save money  for other parts of your project…

Call us or fill out one of the forms for a free design quote, costs and onsite delivery times.

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Eco T.E.S Chain of Custody Certified

At Eco T.E.S we are fully committed to following all FSC & PEFC certified chain of custody guidelines and regulations. 

Timber under FSC or PEFC certification can be traced back to within 1m of an area of the forest it was felled from. 

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) are the world’s leaders in promoting responsible and sustainable management of the world’s forests, pioneering a respected and widespread forestry certification system.

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ECO T.E.S Official Steicojoist Suppliers

Free 3 to 5 Day Design Quotes & 2 to 3 Week Lead Times

Our design team aim to return quotations requiring designs within one week of drawings being supplied to us.

Eco T.E.S prides its self on delivering high quality products in a timely manner, Under usual working condition we can deliver to site within 2 weeks from confirmation of order.

For customers that would like an improved floor performance over and above code Eco T.E.S utilize Steico’s unique design tool “Steico Analytics”.

Steico Analytics can pin point the areas within a floor that are under the most design stress allowing us to improve floor performance in the areas that matter.

This approach reduces the over-all cost expenditure with an improvement across the floor, wall or roofs measurements.

Call for your free steico analytics design quote.

Case Studies

Large Manor House, floor area 204m2.

Traditional block and brick construction with Steico joists connected to external wall with rapid build hangers.

Eco T.E.S designed and supplied this Project within a few weeks from the customer making the initial enquiry.

We Keep A  FULL RANGE OF I joists ready to deliver onsite across the southwest at our warehouse based in newbury


What Are I Joists Used For?

STEICO I-joists are conventional load bearing structures used in wall, roof, and floor construction.

How Do I Joists Work?

The I- shaped profile of the I-joist combines maximum load-bearing capacity with low material usage that.improves the U-value of a building component by up to 15%.

Are I Joists Expensive?

I Joists are the new industry standard for first floor construction, and has become increasingly cheaper to use due to the rising costs of traditional timber.

How Many I Joists Will I Need?

It will depend on the square footage of the building element  (wall, roof, or floor) and your design parameters.

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ECO T.E.S Official Steicojoist Suppliers

Get First Class Design Quotes Free In 3 to 5 Days

Onsite Delivery Within 2 to 3 Weeks

Once orders are placed and cut to design. Eco Tes will then deliver to your site using our up to date fleet of vehicles.

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    STEICOwall cassettes

    The optimum member for axially loaded components such as wall studs or spacers in platform construction and roof insulation

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    STEICO LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) is one of the most stable wood-based materials. spreads any imperfections evenly over the cross-section on roofs.

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