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STEICOflex is a flexible wood fibre insulation: it entails no harmful ingredients. 

It has excellent thermal properties and protects against cold and heat.

 It can be used in new builds and renovations and is healthy for the home and for the planet.

Easy to fit insulation and climate all-rounder

Fast simple installation with energy efficiency, sustainability and fire safety all included in this outstanding product. 

And did we mention 1 to 2 people can fit these in no time at all? 

Check out the video to see how easy it is to insulate your home the right way.   

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Steico Certified FSC & PEFC Products

Areas of application

Flexible cavity insulation in roof, wall and floor constructions.

Cavity insulation for partition walls, dry external walls and service zones.

Worldwide Distributors

Steico owns the largest wood fibre plant in the world

Sustainable Products

Steico takes pride in providing sustainable products

Enchanced Credibility

STEICO insulation featured in the COP 26 house

What our customers say about Steico products

5.0 out of 5 stars Great product and even better customer service! The product is just as described, easy to install and works like it is supposed to.
Home Owner
This is by far the easist way to install insulation. This product rocks! It is easy to use and works great. I will use this product again.
Home Owner
Amazing product, easy to use and high functionality. Love this stuff. ULTRA easy to use...Truly incredible stuff. Highly recommend. 10/10.
Jessica Jessy
Why us?


  1. It’s a environmentally friendly insulation system made from natural wood fibres. With excellent protection against fire, heat and cold conditions.
  2. Manufactured with fresh softwood – sustainable climate protection through CO2 storage
  3. Friction fits to adjoining components
  4. Supports an environmentally friendly living einvironment
  5. Ecological and environmentally-friendly, fully recycleable

You can use this for walls, floors, roofs, attics and inbetween studs internally. We also have external wall insulation options for a highly functional carbon friendly home.

Steico wood insulation is incredibly easy to cut and fit. it’s lighter and can be fitted by one or 2 people in no time at all with just a few basic tools.

Typically between £35 to £50 per pack depending on the thickness you require. each pack is 100mm – 1.785m2 

Typically within 3 to 5 days. Delays may occur due to strikes which are beyond our control.

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