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Experience the Ultimate in Building A Home with Steico Products – Enjoy Customization, Style, and Sustainability!

Are you tired of searching for your perfect home and not finding exactly what you want? Have you ever considered building your own home with a self build kit?

By creating a space that’s tailored to your specific needs and desires, you can enjoy the ultimate in comfort, style, and convenience.

And with the help of Steico products, you can also create a sustainable legacy for future generations.

Steico products offer a eco friendly customizable solution for your dream home. With everything you need to build a high-quality, energy-efficient home,

Steico products are perfect for those who want a unique living space that reflects their individual style and taste.

Introducing Steico I Joists and Steico Flex Insulation

One of the most innovative products in eco-friendly timber framing is Steico I Joists.

These engineered joists are made from sustainable wood sources, and provide superior structural strength and energy efficiency.

They also allow for greater flexibility in design, and can be used to create open floor plans, high ceilings, and abundant natural light.

Additionally, Steico Flex insulation is a high-performance wood fibre insulation that can help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Made from natural wood fibers with an R Value of 0.036, Steico Flex insulation is eco-friendly and easy to install.

Steico’s products have been independently tested and approved for their performance, safety, and sustainability,

and they are widely recognized and respected within the UK Construction Industry.

Working Together

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    Richard & Amanda Long

     When I found Eco T.E.S’s details after researching the Steico Building System and gave them a call, they could not have been more helpful or enthusiastic. 

    The team at Eco T.E.S have been nothing short of fantastic in all aspects of the support and help they have given us with our restoration based on Passive House principles of a Victorian terraced cottage

    Simply the best insulation

    Steico Flex 036 is an all in solution for walls, lofts, acttics, and floors.  With a high R Value and easy installations it’s easy to understand why it’s a top choice for your home.

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    Effectiveness & Savings

    The Benefits of Timber Framing and Steico Products

    By using Steico products, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits.

    For example:

    • Lower energy costs: The superior insulation properties of Steico I Joists and Steico Flex insulation can help you save money on your energy bills.
    • Improved indoor air quality: Steico Flex insulation is breathable, which helps prevent mold and mildew growth, and promotes healthier indoor air quality.
    • Reduced carbon footprint: By using sustainable building materials and products, you can help reduce your home’s carbon footprint and minimize its impact on the environment.
    • Custom design options: With the flexibility of Steico I Joists, you can create a custom design that meets your specific needs and desires.
    • Ease of construction: Steico I Joists and Steico Flex insulation are easy to install, which can help you save time and money on the construction process.
    1. BBA (British Board of Agrément) certification: This certification indicates that Steico’s products meet the standards set by the BBA, which is an independent organization that provides third-party testing and approval of building products. Steico’s insulation products have been tested for their thermal performance, moisture resistance, and durability, among other factors.

    2. CE marking: This marking indicates that Steico’s products meet the requirements of the European Union’s Construction Products Regulation (CPR). It is a legal requirement for products sold within the EU, and it indicates that the product has been tested and assessed for its performance, safety, and environmental impact.

    3. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification: This certification indicates that the wood used in Steico’s products comes from responsibly managed forests. This means that the wood is harvested in a sustainable and ethical way, without causing harm to the environment or local communities.

    4. Passivhaus certification: Steico’s insulation products have been certified for use in Passivhaus construction, which is a rigorous standard for energy-efficient buildings. This certification indicates that the products have been tested and found to meet the strict energy performance requirements of Passivhaus construction.

    Popular Types of Homes to build

    Building A Home: Why Steico Products are the Way to Go

    Building a home is a big investment, and it’s important to choose the right products and materials for your project.

    At Eco T.E.S, we believe that building a home with natural and sustainable materials is the best way to ensure that your home is healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient.

    When it comes to building a dream home, you should consider the size, location, and features you want in your home.

    Here are some of the most popular styles of homes that are being built in the UK:

    1. Bungalows: Bungalows are single-story homes with a low-pitched roof and a spacious layout that provides easy access. They often feature an open floor plan, which makes them ideal for those who want to entertain friends and family. Bungalows are perfect for retirees who want to downsize and have a more manageable home.

    2. Cottage-style homes: Cottage-style homes are quaint, cozy homes that often feature a thatched or tiled roof, exposed wooden beams, and a rustic exterior. They typically have a smaller footprint and are easy to maintain, which can be appealing to retirees. Cottage-style homes are perfect for empty nesters who want a home with character and charm.

    3. Georgian-style homes: Georgian-style homes are known for their elegant symmetry, with a central front door and an equal number of windows on each side. They often feature a grand entrance hall, high ceilings, and large windows that provide plenty of natural light. Georgian-style homes are perfect for families who want a traditional and classic look.

    4. Modernist homes: Modernist homes feature clean lines, a minimalist aesthetic, and an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living. They often have large windows, an open floor plan, and innovative design features that can be appealing to those who want a more contemporary look. Modernist homes are perfect for aristic and creative people  who want a home that feels spacious and airy.

    5. Victorian-style homes: Victorian-style homes are known for their ornate, decorative features, including steeply pitched roofs, large bay windows, and intricate woodwork. They often have a grand entrance hall, multiple levels, and a variety of rooms that can be adapted for different uses. Victorian-style homes are perfect for people who want a home with character and history.

    For all of you, building your dream home yourself can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

    It allows you to take an active role in every aspect of the project, from the initial design to the final finishing touches.

    You can take pride in your achievement and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with building a home that is uniquely your own.

    Alternatively you should work with a builder who has experience building the type of home you want, and who can provide guidance and advice throughout the process if  you have fears about managing the project or doing all of the work yourself.

    What Do I Need To Build a Home using Steico Products?

    Building a house with Steico products is a smart choice for those who want a faster, more energy-efficient, and sustainable home.

    Our products have been designed to make building your dream home easier, quicker and less expensive.

    Let’s take a look at how to build a house with Steico products.

    1. Steico joists – these are used to build the floor of your house. Steico I-Joists are engineered wood products that offer excellent strength, stability and durability. They are available in various lengths, depths and R-values.

    steico i joist

    2. Steico wall systems – these are used to build the exterior and interior walls of your house. Steico wall systems are made from wood fiber insulation boards and offer superior insulation and energy efficiency. The Steico Universal system has an R-value of up to 23, while the Steico Special system has an R-value of up to 26.

    steico wall construction kit

    3. Steico roof systems – these are used to build the roof of your house. Steico roof systems are made from wood fiber insulation boards and provide excellent insulation and energy efficiency. The Steico Special Roof system has an R-value of up to 34.


    steico roof construction kit


    1. Design and Planning: This stage involves working with an architect or designer to create a detailed plan for your home. At this stage, you can choose which Steico products to use in your build, such as Steico Joist, Steico LVL, or Steico Universal.

    2. Site Preparation: Before building can commence, the site must be prepared. This involves clearing the land, excavating and leveling the foundation, and ensuring that the site is safe for construction.

    3. Foundation: The foundation is the base of the home and is crucial for the stability and longevity of the structure. Steico offers a range of products for use in the foundation, such as Steico LVL and Steico Universal.

    4. Wall Construction: Steico offers several options for wall construction, including Steico Therm, Steico Flex, and Steico Protect. These products are designed to provide superior insulation and airtightness, making your home more energy-efficient and comfortable.

    5. Roof and Ceiling: The roof and ceiling are also critical components of the home. Steico offers a range of products for this stage, including Steico Top, Steico LVL, and Steico Joist.

    6. Exterior Finishes: Once the structure is complete, the exterior finishes can be added. This includes items such as cladding, windows, and doors.

    7. Interior Finishes: The final stage of the build involves adding interior finishes, such as insulation, drywall, and flooring. Steico offers several products for this stage, including Steico Universal, Steico Therm, and Steico Flex.

    By using Steico products, the build time of your home can be significantly reduced, with a typical build taking around six months compared to the nine months or more for traditional construction.

    With Steico products, you can enjoy a beautiful, healthier customizable home that will last for many years to come.

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    When it comes to building a home of your dreams, the possibilities are endless.

    Whether you want a cozy cottage or a spacious modernist home, Steico products can help you create the perfect space.

    From the strength and durability of the timber framing to the superior energy efficiency of the insulation, your new home will be a testament to your commitment to sustainability and your desire for comfort and style.

    In conclusion, Steico products offer retirees in the UK a range of benefits that can help you create the retirement home of your dreams.

    By using these innovative products, you can enjoy lower energy costs, improved indoor air quality, reduced carbon footprint, custom design options, and ease of construction.

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