STEICOmulti primer

STEICOmulti primer

solvent free primer

  • Solvent free
  • Rapid Flash-off time
  • High penetration
  • Cold substrate can be processed from -10 °C
  • Efficient material application thanks to a practical dispensing bottle
  • Good water resistance
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Processing temperature min. [°C] – 10
Basis aqueous acrylate polymer dispersion
Film property Flexible (after curing)
Range [m] for 1kg: STEICOmulti tape F 100 mm: ca. 35 mSTEICOmulti tape F 150 mm: ca. 25 m
Storage property (unopened) 12 Months


Form of delivery

Weight/piece [kg]

Number/pack. [pcs.]

Bottle with dispenser 1,00 6


  • Shake container well before processing.
  • The material is appplied onto the substrate via the guide opening of the container and distributed evenly using a brush or paint roller. The substrate must be dry and free from grease and dust.
  • Before applying and pressing on the STEICOmulti tape, ensure the STEICOmulti primer has sufficient flash-off time so that it becomes transparent (colour change allows for a visual check).
  • The STEICOmulti primer can be removed with water when freshly applied. Mechanical cleaning is usually possible only after the primer has cured.

(Please refer to the product data sheet for detailed information)